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Advanced IP Scanner 64-Bit torrent download

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There may be a time when you need to define the local IP addresses in your local area network (Local Area Network). This advanced IP scanner is absolutely free, but it has already been accepted by more than 22 million users. Some basic features include the ability of vertodes to network devices to remotely control other computers and, if necessary, even close computers on the network. Therefore, it is clear why IT professionals use this software.

FunctionsOptions and functions

This advanced IP scanner doesnot require installation on a computer, so memory allocation is not a problem. All results can be entered into a CSV file, so this system is a great option for network administrators during the problem-solving process. You can also get computers remotely via the RDP software (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows the user to disable or deactivate the systems with somesimple steps You can also quickly access all network resources. This is important when scanning a virus or detecting potential security failure.Finally, this advanced IP scanner is designed to handle those who have little experience with IT. Its intuitive design is ideal for beginners and professionals.


The engine scanner has been updated, which gives you more speed and accuracy

Additional ability to view free IP addresses in the listof scan results

The results can be saved as HTML or CSV files

The user interface has been improved

NewEngland languages ​​(Thai, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch)

Coolutils Total Excel Converter 5 x86 x64 Fishbutt download

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From the total mailing address of CoolUtils Converter – this program helps convert emails from email clients in formats like TKST, PDF, HTM, RTF, DOC, TIFF. If you need your mail in a handy format for you, then that development will help you with the help of the problem.

Like other programs from this author, it supports batch mode, can instantly convert thousands of letters.
Coolutils Total Excel Converter 5 And batch conversion options, you can set up flexible pharmacies and parametersothers, which are very important, because each list can be viewed separately.

AppearanceCoolUtils Total Mail Converter I do not write in the same way as other programs of programmers, Russian support is also available, installations happen without apps, generally nothing needs to be added.

CoolUtils Development: Developer

License: FreeVare


Size: mb

OS: Windows

How to install:

How to install:

1. Start; and organize it

2.Vikaristovvaitse this; register software

3.Ready and do not forget to love us on Facebook

Enjoy and do not forget to visit our site to take a hard action / patch fillings.



Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 Update Torrent Download

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 (k64)

Create a stunning design and accelerate the performance of productivity documentation in AutoCAD software.

What’s new:

– Improve 3D drawing in AutoCAD LT For all of us who design and design a 2D, it’s hard to beat the latest version of AutoCADLT. But whenthere are 3D functions, no. Now we know that you can pay a lot more to achieve 3D flexibility in some of the premium premium Autocus products, but for many small companies that are already coming. If LT is a trio, we want to see more basic 3D options.

– The scenes of the classical work environment are returnedIf you are a long-time user of AutoCAD LT, you will no longer be able to view the “Classic Work” view in the latest version of “2016” (“Those in the subscription scheme can still change.) The new interface in the workplace is also dramatic if you want to upgrade from an older version , then you have to separatea bit of time to learn to come into effect with the software. Now, Autodesk puts its mind in order to get rid of the view as natural evolution to a modern and more efficient interface, we like to let the option return to those who want it.

– Improving Autodesk Digital Rights Control and Supportit has a very bad license licensing agreement and virtually no support for the implementation of your new one. In a statement for 2016, we found that many customers insisted that they could not manage licenses using their current Autodesk account when trying to install software like myselfalready selected to set up an Autodesk profile. The only reason was to delete all trial versions of the software and re-think about the Autodesk ID created automatically. We hope that after the implementation of the version for 2017, this input process will be improved.

About Autodesk:

Autodesk helps people toimagine, design and create a better world. All designers, engineers, architects for digital artists, students and lovers of the Autodeskmeddvedd reveal their creativity and solve important challenges.

Name: Autodesk AutoCAD

Version: (64bit) 2017


Interface: English

OS: Windows 7/8/10


100% working Nexus torrent

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XP Lead Assault

Nexus_Expansion_Store’n ‘

XP dancing

XP dancing

XP dancing

House x


Nexus_Skin_Black_ (da) .nsk

Appreciate it

Appreciate it

(bad) . VMware Workstation 12 pansy torrent download

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 32-Bit

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Windows system requirements

Processor Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64

Microsoft Windows XP * with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

1 GB of RAM

1 GB of free hard disk space for installation; additional space required during installation (can not be installed on removableflash memory devices)

Viewing 1024k768 (1280k800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512MB VRAM

OpenGL is a reliable system


This software does not work without activation. Registration of a broadband Internet connection is necessary to activate the software,subscription for confirmation and access to online services. Activating the phone is not available.

* 3D functions and some functions that support the GPU are not supported in the operating system Windows XP.

Changes in the version:

* Update Adobe Photoshop includes many critical updates thatimprove security, stability and performance, but also handle a large number of high-priority errors using 3D, Cut, Type, Paint, Path and

Languages: Danish, German, English, Espaol, Franais, Franais *, Hebrev *, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Suomi, Turkish, Ukrainian,

* Arabic and Hebrew are supported in the Middle East version with full support of the language from right to left, Arabic / Hebrew functions and English interface; Also in the version of the North African French version (Francais *) with full supportlanguage from right to left, Arabic-Hebrew functions and the French interface.

Do not work with each other simultaneouslyAdobe or if you installed Photoshop!

Simple Sticky Notes 3 juju bean Windows XP/7/8 Update Download

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Simple Sticki is A brilliant free download program that allows you to create digital notes about Sticki / Notes and virtually “paste” the Windows desktop. It’s ideal for a type of user who has to write everything with a pen and a paper to prevent irritation over everything. This program digitally simplifies, tough messages, which will inevitably provide notes that a large primenuza absent members.

Simplicity at its best

Minimum requirements are a computer or a computer with Windows XP / Vista /8.7 with a minimum of 10 1 Gigabit Intel or AMD processor and 512 MB RAM and 1 MB. Its use is very simple. At the beginning simply double-click on the article of the graph simple system Stick notes, or moždakliknite right-click on the icon tray for an easy page and click or select “New Note”. If users want to delete some tough notes, after prostuVskaz command “Warning” in the menu, select “Remove”. As an alternative to deletion, you can post the message no longer useful,Show or click to hide hide in the Note. For the accompanying notes size, users must drag and drag the bottom right corner. ČlanoviOni can also enjoy the color scheme on their preferences, choose the “Color” icon in the above-mentioned note menu. “

Safe and uzitkovnikaprzijazni

This simple tough noteThe program has won an impressive series of awards since its debut in late 2000. This program offers a place called five-star assessment procedures andOur internal analysis shows that Simple Stick NotesTo is completely clean, which means it does not contain any malicious software such as viruses, spyware, trojans and back doors. If you want to customize your digital notes, and a variety of topics, such as deserts, concrete, Christmas, stone, lime and bubbles presented in a wide range of covers. The user as the user is also set reminders to control the audio and music themes selected to take obzirdogađaja. Topics coveredInclude the famous themes, such as the iPhone theme, Samsung whistle, Power UPSOUND, Coins, Windows 10 Theme Bell and Secret Jam.

Never forget something important!

Now he can not get rid of the yellow bałaganuDrazniacej “After his” office furniture, and now they leave neatly organized on a computer. The program does exactly what pišenaslov, providing a user-friendly way to distinguish important notes. With the latest features, offering full service,Upgrade and backup, this is a real substitute for the game’s office today business environment.


Instagram for Chrome 5 download torrent

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Instagram simple browser and Chrome enhancement, Google Chrome to view the sources instagram regulate communications.

Instagram was the shovel, photos and feeds, so that users can see on their mobile phones, it is not being able to detect. Until now. Instagram information for Chrome lets users access to their browser instagram. Photos of “wanted” and comments euGallwch are doing. Instagram users can also access photos and images.

Instagram for Chrome, but also does not operate well: For certain difficulties in coming to to the userinterface. And a copy of the entire application Instagram on the phone interface, but users will not go back to the page. I read the last page of the menu menu, you could read it. Instagram to see photos from the Chrome, you can not download benderfyniadGweld or greater.

Another thing is to realize that there is no extension. Of course, you can uninstall Chrome zukInstagram; But this is not the best solution if you want to change accounts.

All that is for Chrome Instagrambonum see photos from Instagram because it will be soon tired jewelry interface.

Nero 2017 Platinum 64-Bit

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+ Multimedia package Multimedia package from Nero 2017

Looking for better protection hard drives and files, edit video files faster and easier to use? Best regards! Nero 2017 Platinum offer the highest quality you would expect, all new, very versatile, powerful technology and digital training materials that will help you in your digital projects.

Something more than security!

Start Nero 2017 Platinum Nero intuitively with the new Quickstart with zadańoddechMost important danmenyingkirkan.But this is not all: whether an audio CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, you can copy and burn photos, videos, music and data in the long run through reliable Nero technology. * And if you want maximum security, the new SecurDisc provides password protection and 256-bit encryption, so what’s left on your PC on your PC!

Full enthusiasm for the full creativity!

The latest version of Nero 2017 Platinum penawaransejumlah option,To ensure the highest quality of results, and a file full of creativity multimedialnych.Zaimportuj high-quality clip HEVC () or a video of 4K and HD device to charge the computer via smart phones, digital cameras and camcorders.

Captivate the audience through simple or advanced video editing templates 4K video and more than 800 special effects. Export individual scenes from the movies in a long motion. In high-quality, stylish menu for DVD-VideoBlu-ray directly onThe desired setting to jump, Nero Coverdesigner sleeve design to taste and enjoy music and video jakościąOdtwarzanie to enjoy. We missed something? Oh yes Popcorn!

A whole series of formats!

Connecting what belongs to: import all formats, including high-quality even HEVC () and convert them in almost any format. * Take a video, AVCHD and Blu-ray * and use it again for new projects. With satuclik conversion you can send directly from audio CDs toThe mobile device is connected. In the process of Nero automatically provides the simplest conversion mode with najlepszymidźwięk.

Sit back and enjoy!

Włącz speakers, configure the screen: Use Nero Mediahome, photos, videos with subtitles and music can be played fast and fast. Optimized with Nero Mediahome Fi Sync, you can import it into the flash memory and send it to almost any device, regardless of apakahIni is a smartphoneFor iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Play all video formats and audio including 4K (Ultra HD) and high quality HEVC. With the new combination of Gracenote- is now easier than ever to find the title of a song on the phone with the album komputerzeTelefon cover. Extend your music collection to music recorders with and legally burn MP3 files from thousands of internet radio stations. Sounds good, does not it?

What baruNero 2017 Platinum?




Farming Simulator 17 installer Download Torrent

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Farming Simulator 17 adds a new layer of depth and detail of the popular agriculture series itself.

According to the director of the farm, you can choose among many different cultures and grow realistic and animals to create, at each stage of plowing and planting to harvest and sell their products.

Along the way you will have to make difficult decisions on land and money, including more than 200 actual agricultural vehicles to be equipped. ConMarcas real and Massey FergusonNew Holland, this game has everythingEmotion of Agriculture without so real.

Farming Simulator 2013 continues in the previous games, offering a wide range of simulated agricultural activities. Manage your farm in an open world, using vehicles and licensed tools.

Your ultimate goal is to make money with nimMożna invest in the improvement of your farm. Improved graphics are even more functional than realistic: only vehicles come out following the ones when this plant works, etc. Manufacturers of agricultural equipment goodsLike Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, only Horsch Amazone, as slowly as expected, but it does not feel realistic.

You can block your tractor in the barn without any damage. The global environment still feels old. Symulatorzena in agriculture, a more dynamic environment would be more appropriate. In the present work Farming Simulator 2013 is very boring. I never feel that fighting Contraelements, but only in passing movements. Farming Simulator 2013 is a great improvement in the series. The graphics are still dated,And the general experience has no character. If you like the previous entries, you like it, but it does not offer much to anyone.

Revealer Keylogger 2 Windows 7/8 Torrent Download

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The Keylogger Detector is a simple, easy to use keylogger that records everything that is typed in the computer.

The Keylogger Reporter is doing very well. Under a simple simple interface we have tools that can hide itself (so that users do not notice their login) and record completely everything that’s typed , From a text document to a simpleuser-name and password (not includingAsterisk) Entered any website.

We have seen the log data defects though. When the Program, Keylogger Revealer disappears from the desktop and system tray, but it’s still an active process in Task Manager to easily find a more advanced user.

The Locker Keylogger logs are kept as TXTsend. The program includes more configuration options remain inactive to encourage you to purchase the pro version of the program.

LearnWhat is typed on any computer with the Keylogger Indicator.

There are many reasons for using some of today’s world keylogger. Being a bit more suspect. Whatever your needs will be very useful to get the freeprogram to try it out. Free keylogger is one of the programs that has the ability to record every Keystroke the user makes the computer while it remains hidden in the background. A simple butUseful utility.

Key log and monitor PC usage.

Free Keylogger is exactly what you think. This software sits on your computer to keep the Press button pressed. You press the record button and a lock for files on your hard drive. The software itself depends on a secret hotkey so you can hide it or unhide it. Parents can use this software to check what sites their children see andUse them to judge the sounds that employees use a PC for work. There are ethical questions around the software and an English site is a bit off so use with caution.

Simple and Effective key logging.

Free KeyloggerIt works efficiently and does the job free of charge. It has a variety of uses for example, allows you to have a record of your typing so if you lose your stilltext documents. It also providesFree lifetime upgrade maker. Overall worth a try.