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EasiBCD allows you to boot with Windows computers. It lets you run on older systems that Microsoft does not currently support, such as Windows 2000, Windows ME and more. You can perform what you want, such as Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux.

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EasiBCD allows you to run from and to ISO images, USB drives, virtual disks, etc. You can create a USB boot drive with patches that may take longerwherever you want. Interface is ugly and rough, butThe use of larger buttons in menus makes the program feel and seems easy to use. The interface design is pretty easy to understand, but you still need to follow, unless you’re ready to try to make mistakes a little bit. This tool also makes editing if you want to rename, add, delete, edit and configure your entries.

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EasiBCD’s summary for limited use is a little fake because the toolpad implements many solutions to your computer’s problems, but there are some alternatives to using this tool when looking for solutions to your problems computer. This tool is not a big root to solve computer problems, but it offers an alternative route. It may be appropriate if tested and lost usingthe other solutions. It may be appropriate for people who want to run securely or recover the auxiliary devices, but you need to do them in advance.