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Only Bachelor amazing birds do not know what the secret of the mysterious Polaroid camera in the dark secrets of the mysterious chamber, but has long been known as a tragic end. Polaroid is the style of The Ring and Final Destination and stag soloist that Bird Fitcher, play vintage Polaroid camera. The bird learns quickly,the camera is the secret secret: the image of a person’s own image of the tragic and violent encounters einde.en friends have to stay overnight on the mystery vyalikagavyrashyts Polaroid because it makes them all dead.

A young boy wakes up in the snow-express night in his room, excited and alert.Almost calm breathing move. Zain. He listens to the sound, which may never have heard before – Santas sleigh bells called. It takes about five minutes to midnight. Suddenly’m bored son. Window makes fuzzy, it’s clear that the most beautiful face sienHy stay in the black for the house, his skyand a powerful engine, which flows from the cases of snowflakes. son NADH street, wearing only pajamas and shoes and see how the director of the railway. Well, you’ve got? asks the director. Where? he asked the boy. Well, of course, at the North Pole. This is the Polar Express! What is happening is an adventure, it is certainlythere is a young boy looked to see at the North Pole; In this course, during the opening of the show to check it out that those who think that life never fades.